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Internet Leased Line All Over Tamilnadu


Why Us ? Leased Line Connection in Chennai

We are SME Friendly! Leased line Connection Only we as an SME will be able to understand other SME’s and their challenges better.

Hence we have a boutique service and we can give personalized service. We are the most preferred leased line provider in Chennai and we are known for being transparent and customer relationships.

We check in all the parameters for a perfect leased line – bandwidth, speed, fast delivery, 24X7 support, meeting fix time SLA, meeting promised Uptime of 99.5%, and above all transparent service powered by Technology. Choose Best Internet Service Provider in Chennai.

Leased Line Connection in Chennai for your Business

Are you a Business with more than 20 users? Then the right thing to opt for is Leased line connectivity. We never allow our customers to make a buying mistake. Choose enterprise leased line connectivity for your business and we at iVelocity will take care of the rest. We guarantee an uptime of over 99.5%.

Get New Leased Line Connection in Chennai Office

Our network architecture is our strength. We always prefer our customers opting for our ring structure which ensures automatic fall back and our network monitoring system ensures all paths of fiber are being monitored 24X7 and alerts when 1 path fails.

Before even you as a customer realize, we ensure maximum uptime through the alternate production path.

We can do this as this is our Optic Fiber (broadband and leased line connection). We own our fiber & hence we can provide effective redundancies.

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We are committed to providing excellent service and creating a stress-free experience for our customers.