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Hotel Internet Services - Why?

Wherever we travel we expect Internet services to be provided by the host, similarly, the guests at the hotels will expect hotel internet connectivity throughout their stay. When their experience is seamless with the hotel and its wifi internet connectivity, they’re more likely to return and would rate the hotel positively on the social media forums. iVelocity has a proven performance in providing the best wireless internet services to corporates and now is successful in extending its services to the hospitality community.


Choose us to satisfy your guests with Hotel Wifi access and Hotel Internet Services - Benefits?

Ultra-Speed & Uninterrupted Service - High Speed Network

Fast Installation - Dedicated Bandwidth Internet Access

Internet TV - Tv Internet Connectivity Faster for Rooms

Fast Support 24/7 - Dedicated Support Team with Zero Latency

Flexible Tariff Plans - Best and Lowest Traffic Plans for Hotels with Static IP

Dedicated Bandwidth & Secured Connectivity - High-Speed Dedicated Bandwidth for Fast Internet Access, Billing, Downloading and More

Guest Rooms Hotel Internet Services and Wifi Access for Hotels?

Hotel Wifi Access – iVelocity is the best internet service provider, that sustains in the market for many years with a good reputation, dedication, and first-class customer service. We provide fast and easy access to hotel Internet services as it is an integral part of the hospitality industry these days. Choose us to satisfy your guests with Hotel WiFi access!


Secure Wifi connectivity for your special guests!

Secure WIFI connectivity for your special guests! Check out our plans for your hotels and let your guests enjoy seamless internet with more bandwidth and credibility.


How to get Wireless Internet Access in my Hotel?

Mail: experts@skylinkcorp.net or you can get in touch with our experts.

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Talk to our Experts and get suggestion for your business internet requirements

Talk to our Experts and get suggestion for your business internet requirements

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