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Internet Service Provider - Resolve your Internet Query & Know what you are paying for...

An Internet Leased Line is a dedicated internet connection service that enterprises can avail to transfer data & voice. We at iVelocity deal with data. When you opt for internet leased line connectivity you will be given an unshared network that will enable high speed and even upload and download speeds. For New Connection Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased line is dedicated or otherwise an unshared network. Other companies or businesses in your locality doesn’t share the bandwidth. Hence it doesn’t fluctuate as they have fixed dedicated bandwidth. As a customer you are highly empowered in an internet leased line set up as you can define the minimum service level you want the operator to work on. We at iVelocity always deliver at 99.5% uptime

We are the only broadband service designed for enterprises. All our broadband customers are connected on a ring architecture offering the highest up time and managed services.

We are proud about our management eco system. We are the only company in this space to embrace technology which enables a transparent service to a customer We never let the customer make a buying mistake. If we think we cannot cater or meet your expectations, we will not make false promises Transparency to the customer on the ticket status – Ticket logging, field team deployment, OTDR shooting, link up confirmation Our teams proactively patrol & fix issues. Repeat complaints is a performance metric for operational teams Mesh architecture & proactive alerts from NMS tool Monthly performance metrics shared to our customers by our data team

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