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Enterprise Leased Line - Why Us? - No one understands SME’s better than Us

With our relentless service in the enterprise leased line domain, we are chosen by the market leaders due to our flexibility, transparency, and relationship. Out flat organizational structure helps to give a personalized service to SME’s. We believe in earning customers for life. We understand that an internet leased line for business requires unwavering bandwidth and more uptime and we stand by our commitment which makes us the best Internet service provider across Tamil Nadu.

Supercharge your Broadband - With Blisteringly fast speeds, fibre optic business broadband’s perfect for share households

Why Us for Broadband ? - Well, fibre is like a rocket-powered roller-skates, making browsing the web apleasure.

Benefits of Leased Line

Flexible Plans

Our Internet Leased Line Connectivity Plans Start from as Low as 5999 INR without Compromising on Quality. We have an SLA driven Service – 99.5% uptime

Solid Infrastructure

100% Fiber Optic Infra with connected on a Ring Architecture to Offer Lowest Latency and Highest Uptime

Bandwidth on Demand

Bandwidth Upgrades are Just a Phone Call Away

Promised Upload & Download Speeds

Optimum Infrastructure Coupled with Robust Fiber Backhaul and the Last Mile Ensures 1:1 Premium Bandwidth

Zero Cap on Data

Our Infra Offers Exclusive Data Allocation Which is NOT Shared


Unshared Network Dedicated Only for Your Business

Why Choose Enterprise Leased Line Connection ?

Are you a Business with more than 20 users? Then the right thing to opt for is Leased line connectivity. We never allow our customers to make a buying mistake. Choose enterprise leased line connectivity for your business and we at iVelocity will take care of the rest. We guarantee an uptime of over 99.5%

Dedicated Bandwidth - Not A Shared Network

Zero Latency Issues

Permanent IP that Enables to Run Critical Business Servers and Apps

SLA Based Service Delivery

Unlimited Data

Adjustable Bandwidth

Enterprise Leased Line for your office

Unlike most enterprise Leased Line Providers, our architecture is our strength. Our ring infra helps us to provide resilient connectivity between a set of nodes which reduces dependencies on physical connectivity. We can optimize the routes as well because of our vast infra and provide asymmetric bandwidth. In case of a failure in the primary fiber ring, there is an auto-failover notification through our network monitoring systems, before even you as a customer realize, we ensure maximum uptime through the alternate production path.- Best Internet Service Provider

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We are committed to providing excellent service and creating a stress-free experience for our customers.

Why using iVelocity Internet Leased Line ?

We have an organic way of networking which is enabled by our mesh architecture. This infra helps us to optimize bandwidth and we create redundancies to enable uninterrupted internet leased line connectivity for your business needs. Though it increases CAPEX, we provide quality by building more switches at our core & distribution areas. Thus we increase redundancies as a customer comes first for us. This makes us the best Internet leased line providers and we are the chosen ones for all market leaders.

Talk to our Experts and get suggestion for your business internet requirements

Talk to our Experts and get suggestion for your business internet requirements

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