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About iVelocity

Our Journey with fiber optics began in the year 2000 when we signed up with Dish net DSL for laying fibers and now we are the second-largest fiber optic providers in Tamil Nadu. As a leased line services and broadband internet provider, we have consistently made progressive efforts to create a Network Infrastructure for the core and the aggregation. We have created a resilient IP network that augments the capacity to address your business connectivity needs. As an internet service provider, we help our customers by relying on our own infrastructure and hence service is offered with ultimate quality with high flexibility. “ Our purpose is to create a matchless value proposition of telecom solutions for our customers, powered by effective technologies tailor made for our market space, thereby customers find value in our offerings thus resulting in creation of more jobs"

Radhakrishna Vittaldev, our Managing Director, is a brand on his own. RK as he is popularly known has been an entrepreneur from the age of 13. He is a first generation entrepreneur, with over 30 years of business experience. RK has started and grown several businesses from Cable TV, Local Newspaper, Television Channel, learning & development company, Fiber Infrastructure Provider to ISP. He has been a thought leader who has transformed several of these industries.


Our Team


Rajesh Kumar AL - Senior Manager Operations

with 20+ years in Telecom/internet Service Provider with complete expertise in Network Administration, IT Infrastructure Management and core field operations. Being a subject matter expert in fiber optic operations, his contribution is immense for day to day operations.


Uma Indraganti - Chief Manager

An ingrown professional, handles business development, customer relationship management and is a part of MD’s office as his executive assistant. She has been with us for more than 11 years and this steady leadership has a substantial positive impact in our growth.


Murali Rajendran - Technical Manager

Again an ingrown talent, is looking into field operations, field team and network management. His solution oriented mindset plays a pivotal role in day to day operations.


Vijaya Lakshmi - Helpdesk Lead

Vijaya Lakshmi heads the Support desk and maintains the cordial business relationship between the two ends, she transforms the troubleshooting problems into confirmed solutions, keeping up to the expectations of our clients.


Murali Manohar - Technology Lead

Our Miracle guy. He makes our digital dreams come true. Murali heads the technology part of our transformation & innovation wing..


Gomathi Vittaldev - HR & Transformation Leader

with over 18 years of corporate experience, She leads the Human Resources, Transformation & Digital wing at Skylink.

With this strong leadership, we are one of the few best Internet service providers in Chennai and all over Tamilnadu, our moto is #CustomerFirstDigitalFirstMobileFirst. We strive to make the whole experience worth your spend, and we do this by hand holding you at every step empowering customers with technology and transparency.

Select Internet Services

Enterprise Broadband

iVelocity Offers high speed business broadband to help your employees run applications seamlessly and perform large data transfers. We have explicit enterprises broadband plans to cater to your needs.

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Internet Leased Line

With our relentless service in the enterprise leased line domain, we are chosen by the market leaders due to our flexibility, transparency, and relationship. Out flat organizational structure helps to give a personalized service to SME’s.

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Small Business Internet

All enterprise and business owners need small business internet connections, be it leased line or office broadband needs a strong network infrastructure, quick service, flexibility, and hence we are the most preferred by the SME’s. We don’t allow our customers to make a buying mistake

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Internet for Event

Temporary event internet services are more popular among the corporates. When they host any events, this service comes to the rescue for their internet usage. Whether the events are happening indoor or outdoor.

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Hotel Internet

Wherever we travel we expect Internet services to be provided by the host, similarly, the guests at the hotels will expect hotel internet connectivity throughout their stay. When their experience is seamless with the hotel and its wifi internet connectivity, they’re more likely to return and would rate the hotel positively on the social media forums.

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SD-Wan Coming Soon

SD-Wan Coming Soon

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